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Heat Pumps
Comfort-Aire Inverter Air Conditioners are the ultimate cooling and heating technology of the HVAC field. They are called “DC inverter” because the alternative current (AC) is converted to Direct Current (DC) then, direct current inverted back to Alternative current with desired frequency. As known, the current supplied through the wall outlet has fixed frequency which is 60 Hertz. Different frequencies supplied to the compressor will result different running speeds of the compressor.

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Thermal Boost
Eastern Ventures markets Composite Solutions' patented CS Boost

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We supply a variety of line sets for Comfort-Aire Heat Pumps

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HRV's ; Galvanised Duct
HRVs / ERVs / Air Changers It is well known that the homes of today are so well insulated and constructed that they trap inside many indoor pollutants as well as excess humidity during the heating season. This typically results in undesirable health effects to your family and occupants as well as causing potential structural damage to the home itself. Specialists agree that mechanical ventilation lessens the effects of these trapped indoor pollutants and excess humidity. SummerAire's Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilators and Air Changers provide state of the art performance and functionality to alleviate this concern. Our SummerAire units operate to exhaust contaminated humid air from your home and introduce fresh outdoor air of equal volume back into your indoor environment. Energy is transferred from the stale exhausted air to the incoming fresh air resulting in an efficient energy exchange. The Energy Star logo can be found on multiple models and indicates acceptance by the Energy Star Program that these models meet and exceed the stringent high efficiency performance requirements of this energy efficiency program. A variety of models are available providing airflow performances and efficiency ratings to meet with the needs of most residential applications. Side connect, top connect and reversible designs are available. Multiple external control options can be used with all designs. These range from standard 20-minute remote timer controls to full feature digital controls with integral indoor humidity sensing. All remote control devices have been engineered to be extremely user friendly and are easily installed with only a 2 wire system. All models carry the extensive SummerAire warranty, from 5 years on parts to lifetime on some major components. We offer a full line of SummerAire HRV's, duct and accessories. Contact us for more information

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Through our partnership with Brandenclair Agency, we have access to several lines of residential, commercial and industrial components. Contact us for more information

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